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Fu-Hsing Elementary School


       We put permeable paving into our eco education by arranging some teaching materials next to the pavement. They are used to demonstrate the connection between soil permeability and hydrology.  This demonstration is intended to serve as an example of sustainable development for neighboring communities. We hope our school’s eco experience can help local people better understand the delicate balance of our nature and certain eco issues in our daily life. Our sustainable campus project is expected to function as a locomotive pulling local communities behind towards sustainable development.

       There are two buildings in the southern and northern parts of the campus. Because of the strong sunshine on the roofs, temperature was quite high and unbearable for students in the classrooms. Years ago, we built a water-proof sloped roof on the north building for insulation. With the limited budget, we could only equip the south building with some air conditioners and electric fans. These electric facilities helped cool down the temperature but, inevitably, pushed up our electricity bills and increased carbon emissions. To follow the Energy Saving & Carbon Reduction policy, we decided to propose a green solution to the heat problem. Besides, the holes on porous paving can provide proper friction and therefore prevent slipping or skids.

       There is an old tree on our campus and it is getting weak. It has always been seen as an senior member of the school. Now, the old tree is losing its leaves. We hope our sustainable campus project can help revive the old tree and give it more growing space.

       It is because of this sustainable campus project that we have seen lower school walls, wider vision, and students’ participation in the sustainable development. There is still long way to go in our sustainable campus project to turn our campus into an eco-friendly environment for study and for relaxing.

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  • Fu-Hsing Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan