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Ben-Gang Elementary School



       Ben-Gang, Fu-lin, Pei-Hu and Ke-Jian elementary schools formed a four-school ally to develop green energy. We proposed a sustainable campus project aiming to convert strong wind and sunlight into electricity. Also, we took the wind and solar power systems as a green gestures and put them into our eco education.


1.      To integrate the sustainable campus project into our eco education; promote power-saving & carbon reduction; make life on Earth sustainable.

2.      To install a photovoltaic power system. Through our eco courses and activities, students would have a better understanding of energy conversion, which, we hope, could stimulate more creative ideas in alternative energy.

3.      To bring power-saving & carbon reduction into local communities and unite them as a sustainable one.


1.      With the assistance from Landscape Architecture (CYCU), eco associations, Datan Power Plant, neighboring communities (Fu-Lin, Shu-Lin and Yun-Shing), the four-school ally cooperated with local people promoting the “Green Energy, Eco Coastal Life.”

2.      We invited Mr. Chen, Yong-Feng (陳永逢), an expert at wind power, to our school providing some professional help for our project. We also arranged some DIY activities for our students to approach wind power. Besides, we paid a visit to the Windmill Farm in Yangmei City (楊梅市) trying to have a deeper understanding of wind power and its application in our daily life.

3.      We made some sign boards to demonstrate how our wind and solar power systems work. These boards would be a part of the teaching aids for our eco education, and pass green knowledge to local people visiting our school.

4.      In our DIY activities, students were able to use the teaching materials on their own, such as human-powered generators, simplified wind power generators, pedal generators, and photovoltaic solar panels.

5.      Our sustainable campus project assisted by local communities and Datan’s professionals allowed our students to bring power-saving & carbon reduction into their daily life.

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  • Ben-Gang Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taoyuan