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Sheng-Keng Junior High School



       This year, we propose a sustainable campus project focused on the new rainwater recycling system and hope it can be seen as a part of our green efforts and help save water. We use current guttering system to collect rainwater and direct it a tank. After the process of filtration and sanitation, recycled water is stored in a tank and pumped to another tank on the roof for toilet use, cleaning, and irrigation.

       Because our school is lower than the neighboring main roads, rainwater usually flows down to the campus and causes flooding. We turned this disadvantage into an advantage by directing the rainwater from the main roads into a pond on the campus. The pond can help us deal with the flooding and provide water for campus irrigation. This recycling system does not even need a pump since we built the pond at a higher place on the campus. It recycles rainwater without consuming any energy.

       The pond is located by the gymnasium and surrounded by plants. The ground in front of the pond will be used for educational purposes and serve as a popular site for students and local people to chill out and hang around.

       We even designed a set of eco courses on this rainwater recycling system. Teachers would take every possible opportunity to share with students their experience in this green project. We demonstrated to them how this recycling system works with photos about this project. Then, we put all the teaching materials on our official site to share our green efforts and experience in power saving and carbon reduction.


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  • Sheng-Keng Junior High School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taipei