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Yuan Ze University


In recent years, Yuan Ze University has been actively promoting carbon dioxide reduction and energy saving and building a green campus. We are among the first to be labeled as green university by the Ministry of Education. We have received numerous awards and recognition, such as the Superior Achievement Award presented by the Ministry of Education in its evaluation of campus environment management in 2009 and 2011 and the Outstanding Achievement Award presented by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the energy conservation contest in 2011. We were the only university in Taiwan that received those awards. In 2010 and 2011, we won the first place for two consecutive years in the recycling contest held by Taoyuan County Government and was hailed as a low carbon emission campus. We were the only university in Taiwan that completed the greenhouse gas emission certification for three consecutive years (2009-2011) and the first university to obtain ISO 50001 certification in the world.

To shoulder corporate social responsibility and contribute to sustainable development, our students and faculty members work together to launch an energy management system in accordance with international standards and formulated related energy policies. We pledge to increase energy use efficiency, improve energy performance, comply with energy regulations and preferably purchase products with energy labels. Meanwhile we frequently review our energy target, ensure obtaining relevant information, and fully implement energy management program so that we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and establish our university as a green and suitable campus.

Yuan Ze University centers on “building an improved, safe, sanitary, healthy, environmental, ecological, sustainable, and humanized campus” and seeks to use and conserve water and electricity more effectively. We monitor all energy and water saving projects, beautify our campus with greenery, promote recycling, enrich curriculum and hold community activities. We will continue to pursue a green and sustainable campus, and we are more than happy to share our experiences and become an exemplar of green university.

In recent years, existing hot water boilers and electric water heaters have been used in the First Dormitory, along with solar water heaters installed in 2010, superconducting heat pump system installed on the first floor in 2011, and superconducting heat pump added to the central boiler in 2012. These projects have all worked very well, so we plan to launch a new project in the Second Dormitory, where superconducting heat pump and water heating system will be combined. Together with the “Healthy Life in Dorms” project, we hope to optimize energy saving on campus and improve the quality of life in campus housing by catering to students’ need for shower at all times.

The existing hot water boilers consume a lot of crude oil and emit a lot of carbon dioxide. This not only impacts our environment but also adds up to more costs in an era of increasing oil prices. As a result, we introduced the heat pump system and integrated it with existing water heating system.
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  • Yuan Ze University
  • System: University
  • Report year: 2013
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taoyuan