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Kuo-Kuang Elementary School


Green Environment, Sustainable Campus
    Our school has long been highlighted ""ecological education"" for the development characteristics. In 2007-2008, we were granted as a model of eco-friendly campus by the Ministry of Education, and also awarded the Excellent Teacher Award by proposing the owl nesting project in 2009. In recent years, promoting various ecological and organic campus experiential activities such as student farming, grain farming, rice culture experiential activities, campus ecology observation, small nature guides and other activities, we encouraged students to pay close attention to experiential learning, and to develop talent in interactions with the community with our teachers.

    In addition, close to National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), we have invited a lot of remarkable professors of NCHU as student parents or volunteers. They have become our important consulting partners to promote the sustainable campus. Last year, the Ministry of Education awarded us the annual sustainable campus improvement project partial subsidy. Under the guidance of the Sustainable Campus Technical Expert Team,

we have decided to focus our project on two renovation projects.

    (1) Environmental ecologically sustainable cycle - Permeable Paving

    (2) Carbon reduction resources recycling - Rain/water Recycling.

Environmental ecologically sustainable cycle - Permeable Paving
    We removed the asphalt paving on the east side of the auditorium. Next we put some soil on its surface and then lay out some lawns and grow some shrubs there. We hope this can improve the permeability of the new pavement, help green our campus, and lower the temperature in the library.

Carbon reduction resources recycling - Rain/water Recycling Rain/water Recycling

    We use our existing attic floor sloping roofs of Shu Shiang Building (RN-??O)and iron drainage gutter to direct rainwater into a tank whose storage capacity is 17 tons. The tank is placed under the slope roof to prevent strong sunlight and to increase the flexibility of using the water level difference for campus irrigation. Recycled rainwater teaching farm in the nearby (rice fields and cornfields) of water is designed for teaching farm internship experience course. Students will learn how rain/water is collected and recycled, experience the ecology, and appreciate the importance of sustainable development.
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  • Kuo-Kuang Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Taichung