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Cigu Elementary School


Our school is located at the southwest coast, the west side in Tainan. It!|s also the west side of of the island of Taiwan. We usually have strong sunlight throughout the year and seasonal wind from the northeast. Strong sunlight and unceasing wind provide great sources of green energy. However, they do affect our students!| learning to some extent. For this reason, we need to improve the shade wind conditions, in order to create a good learning environment

    1. We hope to install eco-friendly fences in the pick-up area and the school walking pavement, seriously suffering from western exposure in the afternoon. The new fences will help lower the temperature and green these areas.

    2. The two corridors of our West Building have eastern exposure in the morning and western exposure in the afternoon.

Usually students have to close the classroom!|s both doors and windows, and also shut the curtain to prevent strong sunlight, especially using the projector. However, this leads to bad ventilation and poor lighting in the classroom. Then we need to turn on lights and ventilation fans, so rises electricity consumption and more carbon emission. Therefore, we plan to install some curtains on the corridors to insulate sunlight but not to stop airflow. On the pillars we will grow some climbing plants to help insulation, to green our environment, and, most of all, to reduce energy consumption.
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  • Cigu Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan