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Er Si Elementary School


This year, we will promote local holiday entertainment continuing our last year¡¦s project Creativity Club. The local artists and high school students took our kids into various interpersonal activities. Through these activities, our students were led to build up their green conscience and deeper understanding of sustainable development.


We also created an Environment Protection Club to arouse students¡¦ eco awareness and pay their attention to the local eco systems. In our field trips, we introduced certain eco policies to our students, such as low-emission tourism and environmentalism.


The pine tree on our campus is about 80 years old. It has become a living treasure to our school. However, earlier construction had put too much soil on its roots to lose more and more leaves and its liveliness. After consulting related professionals, we invited local people to join our rescue plan. Such a green activity not only improved the old tree¡¦s growing environment, but promoted sustainability spirit into local communities.


Apart from our own activities, we also joined the sustainable camp of Tainan National University of the Arts (TNNUA). Their postgraduates of architecture designed a couple of experiments and DIY activities on sustainable building for our students. After visiting TNNU¡¦s Green Building, students began to realize the wide application of wind, light, water, and heat in sustainable development. In addition to classroom learning, students can also appreciate the concept of environmental sustainability in an interesting way. Most of all, they can implement in their daily life.


This year¡¦s sustainable campus project did encourage our students to think in a more sustainable way. The project also united us with local schools in certain green issues. We shared with each other green knowledge, experiences, and the education of the next generation of our profound reflection. Finally, we thank advisor, visiting members and generous cooperation partner schools to provide guidance and participation.

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  • Er Si Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan