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Da Chen Elementary School


Da Chen is a 50-year-old community school located at the center of Tainan City. It currently has 54 classes (including 4 classes for the kindergarten), about 1550 students and teachers. Our school is expected to set a good example of promoting sustainable campus development.


Besides, we keep a close connection with local communities, share our resources, and open the campus to the public. People can come for activities, exercise, or just relaxation in the non-school time. Thus, we can say our school is an important bridge in the local development.


Last year we decided to apply for the sustainable campus funding. Our project primarily consists of two parts:


(1) Permeable Paving: The uneven surface of the asphalt pavement in the west parking lot usually caused flooding and posed a threat to students¡¦ safety. The surrounding tree pits were also too small for the tall trunks. To deal with the two problems in one shot, we decided to change the pavement into permeable paving and enlarge the size of the tree pits.


(2) Interior Improvement: There are 5 Teaching Buildings on our campus. And there are totally 24 classrooms in the east and west buildings, which are north/south-facing. The old ventilators on the roof are not able to lower the indoor temperature or ease the pain of stuffiness. The east/west exposure is still a problem for students¡¦ study. Therefore, we recycled the old canopies and changed them into adjustable shutters to improve the insulation and ventilation. We do hope to further promote our sustainable campus project to the local communities and share our green experiences with them. This project has made remarkable improvement of our campus: such as higher permeability (hence less flooding), bigger tree pits, and better ventilation. However subject to the lack of funds, not all the problems have been resolved. We sincerely continue to promote sustainable campus five-year plan.

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  • Da Chen Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan