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Dahjou Elementary School


Beauty of Rain


Yilan is famous for its abundance of rainwater. It makes Yilan as beautiful as a poem. But in the rainy season, people¡¦s lives and property are at stake because of the devastating flooding. For this reason, the government has proposed Water White Paper for water management.


The old drainage system on our campus has caused a lot of floods and inconvenience. This year we focus our sustainable campus project on flood prevention aiming to improve our drainage system and to make it an eco-friendly site. We plan to take down the flooding areas that are low-lying, made of concrete, and silting up.


We design certain courses in our eco education for our students to have a better understanding of water resources. For example, Treasure Seeker, Lovely Home, School Plants, Dahjou Old Trees, Vote for the School Plants, River Stories, Make Good Use of Water, and Disaster Prevention. We hope students can obtain proper water knowledge from these courses.


We also plan to direct clean water from Chin Chang Cheng Waterway (ª÷³¹¦¨¦`) for our wetland park. We believe it can help increase the bio-diversity for our eco education.


Our neighboring Dahjou Community wishes to build a waiting zone for car-pooling. They will combine the waiting zone with our local resources, such as clams to promote sustainable development on a local basis.


The project Beauty of Rain did turn the water crisis into an even more fit for the expectation of the Ministry of Education for our implementation of sustainable campus.

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  • Dahjou Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: I-lan