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Tainan National University of the Arts


An Experiment in Green Architecture on Campus

    ‘ An experiment in green architecture ’is the theme of the performance. We attempted to have the ideas and techniques of green architecture experimenting on two buildings on campus. There are two objectives of this experiment :

     (1) to embody sustainable architecture in climate of southern Taiwan through architectural design;
     (2)in addition, these two buildings are public spaces and in a unique location, their architectural characteristics could get the best publicity, and provide a boost to the idea of‘sustainable architecture’.


These two experimental buildings, one is‘multi-functional building’all students and teachers have looked forward to which is located at the boulevard of campus we pass through all the time. We hope to aggregate 7-11, offices of clubs, mail boxes for staffs, out-door comfort zone, and restroom in this building to meet the needs of people who live here, and make it into a central space on campus. Another one is for studios of Graduate Institute of Architecture. It’ the core of studios of the visual arts department on northern campus. We have tried several kinds of new technique to meet the original orientation of sustainable architecture. It’ also the best teaching material and publicity,

    On the whole, beside general methods of sustainable architecture, such as the biological pond, the reclamation of rainwater, the economy of water, facilities for screening out the sunlight, additionally we have tried other methods, which are:

(2) Adoption of clear formworks to minimize architectural rejections and to form a simple texture of space.

(3) Location of the wing tower accommodating to the terrain for sending wind to the interior of the building and creating a comfortable interior environment. It’s an experiment of passive design.

(4) Arrangement of buildings having microclimate in mind: forming a wind corridor that is enclosed by volume and walls to make natural ventilation.

(5) Accommodating the rise of terrain, part of the substratum is covered by the backfill to lower the interior temperature.

(6) Grassing over outside the building to shield the interior from radiation. It also shapes a unique style of architecture.

    In this project there’s not only a concrete construct, but also a performance assessment of the functions of buildings, especially for studios of Graduate Institute of Architecture that have been used several kind of new techniques.

    For example, the assessment will be directed at some passive design themselves, and the efficiency of ventilation, we’ll also constantly assess temperature and humidity inside and outside the building, and compare the building with resemble ones that in the same location to assess its efficiency. The assessment of functions will be associated with the courses of Graduate Institute of Building Arts, and the performance of research may be presented in this building. At the same time, we could invite architects who are interested in sustainable architecture to discuss the initiative direction of architecture of southern Taiwan, and to proclaim the ideas of sustainable architecture on the basis of our experience.

    The gradation of this project is closely connected with engineering, and it postponed because of the armature and concrete were marked up early in this year and brought forth the difficult of farming engineering out. The multi-functional building has already been implemented and used; the studio of Graduate Institute of Architecture is still under construction, which will be done in the end of this year.

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  • Tainan National University of the Arts
  • System: University
  • Report year: 2003
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan