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Da-Yeh University


    Da-Yeh University (DYU), founded in March 1990, aims to establish a German University with a ""theory and practice"", ""culture and technology integration"" concept. Through academic apprenticeship and industry-academia collaboration, we expect our students to be professionals of creativity and quality. There are currently six schools in our university: Engineering, Design & Arts, Management, Foreign Languages, Bio-technology & Bio-resources, and Tourism & Hospitality. The total population of DYU is going to reach 10,000.

    Our university has hosted a couple of important events such as the 29th University and College Games, the 1st University and College Club Expo, University President Conference, Alliance with Top Companies, and Win-Win Collaboration between Industry & Academia. In addition, DYU has won awards for its excellent teaching from Ministry of Education for many years. That!|s fully demonstrated our comprehensive teaching standards, excellent management skills and a strong development potential. Besides, DYU has been working hard on its academic reputation for years.

    According to ESI, papers presented by our Engineering school are quoted as many times as top 1% of the world. WOS also indicates DYU!|s great research potential in Mechanics, Agriculture, Materials, Biology and Immunology. The ranking of DYU is climbing to one of the world top 6% universities according to Span!|s Webometrics in January 2011. DYU students have won several major international competitions. For example, winners of German RedDot Design Competition; Nurnberg International Exhibition of Inventions (Germany); Moscow Achimedes International Exhibition of Inventions (Russia); International Exhibition of Inventions (Italy); International Competition of Micro Institutions (Japan); Seoul Female Film Festival (South Korea).

     Such performance in the international competitions has demonstrated DYU!|s strong determination to academic excellence. In the 20th National Collegiate Supermileage Awards, DYU won the 1st of Best Design, the 3rd and 4th of Best Fuel Efficiency, the 2nd and 3rd and winners of Most Visually Appealing Vehicle, and the Team Championship. The seven awards best exemplify DYU!|s central belief in education: theory and practice. Furthermore, in 2011 our Green Consciousness Trilogy: Sustainable Ecology, Sustainable Life, and Sustainable Life Education was acknowledged by GreenMetric World University Ranking. ""Teaching Excellence Award meter Painting ""subsidy, full comprehensive school teaching standards, excellent management skills and a strong development potential.

    In recent years, Da-Yeh University excellence in academic research, according to Taiwan statistics ESI papers, our engineering fields to enter the world top 1% (calculated by the number of citations); while WOS thesis statistics also show that our mechanics doors, agronomy, materials category, class and other areas of biological and immunological study of already accumulated considerable energy. January 2011 Spain Webometrics Ranking of World Universities ranks among the world is top six percent, ranking huge jump. Student performance is excellent, fulfill international competition ""German Red Dot (RedDot) design"", ""Nuremberg International Invention Exhibition"", ""Moscow, Russia International Exhibition of Inventions Archimedes"", ""Italy International Exhibition of Inventions,"" "" Japan International Micro-agency competition "","" Seoul Women Film Festival ""award, which shows our international academic research and professional performance proven.

    School of Mechanical and Automation Engineering students participated in the second of the Tenth National universities eco-friendly cars contest, won first prize in electric vehicles, fuel-efficient car group third, fourth, second appearance design, the first three, masterpiece, as well as the spirit of seven overall championship trophy, the full implementation of our ""theory and practice"" in teaching philosophy. In addition, Da-Yeh University but also to the unique ""Green Thinking Blueprint Trilogy"" - ""green building"", ""green living business"", ""green life education"", and the strength of previous winners of green energy in 42 countries 178 universities to compete in the global green topped the 2011 university rankings
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  • Da-Yeh University
  • System: University
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Changhua