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Da Fu Elementary School


More and more our community roads have been paved with tarmac and therefore caused a serious threat to our local crabs. The survey conducted by our students and teachers shows that the crab number on the campus is dramatically declining. We believe the change of environment has affected the crabs¡¦ habitats. For this reason, we propose a sustainable campus project to protect and to restore the crabs¡¦ living place, so that we can promote the bio-diversity for the wetlands and sustainability on the campus.


In fact, Yilan is famous for its abundance of rainwater. But, we never make good use of such a valuable water resource. We still irrigate our campus with tap water, which is obviously a waste. If we can collect rainwater and recycle it with a basic recycling system, we can make every drop count.


Thanks to the funding for our sustainable campus project, we have built up an eco-friendly trail to protect the habitat of the crabs, e.g. chiromantes dehaani (µL¾¦Á®ÁuÃÉ). We also grew some aquatic plants in the area to harmonize its eco system. Besides, we installed a rainwater recycling system on the roofs of our stadium and garage. The collected rainwater is reused for the crab habitat and campus irrigation. This recycling system helps us cut water bills and provides a good opportunity for our students understanding better of water resources.


We hope this project can invite students, teachers, and parents to implement and promote sustainable development: how resources can be distributed, protected, and recycled. We even erected a signboard to demonstrate our project and designed a couple of courses to promote this project. We put the project on our website for public access and open these eco-friendly sites on the campus for the public. It is our belief that these valuable green experiences should be shared with other institutions, organization, and communities.

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  • Da Fu Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: I-lan