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Bei Pu Elementary School


2013 Hsinchu County Sustainable Campus Project of Integrated Disaster Prevention

  1. Background
    A. Letter No. 1010206909 of Ministry of Education (MOE)
    B. Sustainable Development Practice of Nation Council for Sustainable Development, Executive Yuan
    C. 2013-2016 Midterm Project of Sustainable Development of Environmental Education, Hsinchu County
    D. 2013 Resolution of Management of Environmental Education Construction and Planning Meeting, Hsinchu County

  2. Aims
    A. To help students have better understanding of sustainable campus and to arouse their environmental awareness.
    B. To realize the trend of current energy education and to promote it.
    C. To enhance our disaster prevention, we install a pre-disaster alert system on the mountain slopes. We also monitor all the readings and post them on our websites as first-hand information for our students and local people.

  3. Executive Board
    A. Advised by MOE.
    B. Hosted by Hsinchu County Government.
    C. Presented by Bei Pu Elementary School.
    D. Sponsored by National Chiao Tung University, Township offices, and Fire Department.

  4. Participants
    A. Directors of General Affairs of every primary school and junior high school of Hsinchu county.
    B. Representatives of local communities, Township offices, and Fire Department.

  5. Date: March 27, 2013

  6. Place: Bei Pu Elementary School

  7. Registration Dates: March 10 !V March 24, 2013

  8. Registration: Online registration system on HCC Edu. Development And Information Institute.

  9. Topics: location of the mountain slope pre-disaster alert system, maintenance and operation of the system.

  10. Contact us: Director Hsiao, Hsien Hsiung of Bei Pu Elementary School

  11. Supplementary Information
    A. No disposable cups are provided.
    B. Official Leave shall be approved to all the participants, and the quota of 3-hours workshop will be granted.
Bei Pu Elementary School 01 Bei Pu Elementary School 02
 Bei Pu Elementary School 03 Bei Pu Elementary School 04
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  • Bei Pu Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Hsinchu