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Youchang Junior High School


1. Background

  A. Our school has established close linkage with local communities, and community residents concerned about school development. In fact, our school initiatived to promote various community activities, and campus are regarded as community parks. More than a hundred people come to our campus for activities or exercises in the morning and evening.

  B. For years we had been applying for funds for our sustainable campus project, which included: multi-layer greening, natural treatment of wastewater, improvement of school walkway, improvement of ground surfaces, increase of the size of lawn and permeable pavement. We planned to make the most of water resources. We also installed canopies to the stadium for better ventilation and lower emission. Youchang is expected to be an eco-friendly center for local communities.

  C. The curtains used in Ren-Ai Building (?¯·R?O) for insulation has caused bad ventilation in the classrooms. We planned to install new canopies to prevent direct sunlight and utilized this as a good teaching material for our green education.

2. Our Project
  We worked with the team of Interior Design of Shu-Te University (?e?w?i§T?j?C) to organize all the canopy installation. With their professional assistance, we believe these new canopies can greatly improve students!| study environment.

3. Results
  A. We had prevented the strong sunlight in Ren-Ai Building, and the curtains would not cause much trouble to indoor ventilation anymore.

  B. Students can learn that canopies are green materials for insulation.

  C. Students can realize different kinds of canopies and their functions.

  D. We hold on to what we!|ve got for eco education when promoting the sustainable campus project.

4. Conclusion
  Sustainable development requires strong determination and much effort. It is really our luck that we can receive a lot of professional assistance from Shu Te. Their advices had assisted us to put theories into actions, and see sustainability come to reality on our campus. The new canopies of Ren-Ai Building can be taken as a good green example not just for our students, but for local people.
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  • Youchang Junior High School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Kaohsiung