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Minsheng Elementary School


Our sustainable park is like a backyard garden for our students. We try to make it more eco-friendly with multi-layer greening and permeable paving.

    1. Eco park without cages
    We encourage teachers to take students here for eco education. We plan to grow more plants that can attract more bees and insects so as to increase the bio-diversity.

  2. Green classroom without blackboard
    We lay out permeable paving on the stairway between the park and the main campus, in addition to allowing students to sit on the stairs and appreciate the spirit of sustainability, but also looking forward to make it to become a classroom without a blackboard. Some teaching materials are even provided in the park for students to realize how permeable paving works and how it helps retain soil water.

3. Eco-Friendly Fencing
    We have applied for some shrubs from neighboring farms and planned to use them as our eco-friendly fences between the park and Minsheng Community.

4. Walkway to the park
    Since the park is off the campus, we have decided to build a new walkway to the park by extending our current disabled friendly slopes.

5. A park for fun
    We encouraged more students to have fun in the park. We even digged some sand pits for students to realize their permeability, and wish to attract more students to enjoy. This park is the child is playful world, teacher is teaching treasure, students!| learning garden, and community residents!| leisure venues. Though it is just a small part of our school, with its planning and design, it has become a major part of much fun for all students, teachers and community residents.
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  • Minsheng Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Changhua