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Min Fu Primary School


    Our sustainable campus project consists of Green Energy Garden, Eco-Friendly Fencing, Happy Farm, Floral Corridor, Bird-Watching & Wood-Watching Zone, Bee & Butterfly Zone, Banyan Tree Zone, and White Ginger Lily Zone. We plan to add to the project permeable paving, rainwater recycling, and ventilation improvement, so that we can achieve low emission and green energy on our campus. Our rainwater recycling system is aimed to irrigate the plants around the eco pond.

     We hope to integrate this system into our Green Energy Garden, and make the most of water resources. It can also serve as a good teaching material for our eco education. We used the gutters to direct rainwater into a big tank, and so the collected rainwater would be re-used for campus irrigation and to cut our water bills. We also placed the tank on the roof of the East Building to save more energy by gravity taking water down. Besides, the tank can be used to prevent flooding, and to provide emergent water in some emergencies.

    The permeability of old grass brick areas were getting worse, so we need to apply grass brick repaired, which is about 85m2. The size of our new grass brick areas would be 600*400*110mm. We put some tiny sand and fine gravel under the brick areas for better permeability and soil water retention.

    Last, we applied for funding for our 561 Entertainment Room, suffered from bad lighting and poor ventilation. Apart from the current Green Energy Garden and Eco-Friendly Fencing, we hope this 561 project could enhance our sustainable development. We improved 561!|s waterproofing and installed a new ventilator on the roof. The new ventilator would allow us to keep the windows open all the time for better lighting and ventilation in the classrooms.

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  • Min Fu Primary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Hsinchu