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National Yi-Lan Special School


    The old pavements in front of our health center have caused bad permeability, flooding and moss together by the cement and tiles. With poor permeability, the plants are unable to grow well.Therefore, fewer and fewer people stop by this area and the flourish moss is a pain for our cleaners.

    In our project, we planned to remove the old pavements and changed them with permeable pavements. We left a 1.2m wide passage for wheelchairs and turned the rest areas into lawns and grass ditches. The new pavements are soft and good for lowering the temperature.

     The new flower beds are much more eco-friendly for the trees to breathe freely to grow into big ones, so students can enjoy more tree shade in the future. In addition, the stairs made of rocks, grass slopes and woods will be turned into a relaxing site. Furthermore with the drum image used for the pattern of the new pavement, we believe the renovated area will be the best place for the drum club to practice and perform.

    With the sustainable campus project, we will install a new solar heating system to replace the original energy of the instantaneous thermal heater, which can effectively provide hot water for guards and alternative service men.
國立宜蘭特殊教育學校圖片1 國立宜蘭特殊教育學校圖片2
school location


  • National Yi-Lan Special School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: I-lan