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On the 8th March, we marked International Women’s Day (IWD) with a #fivecomesfirst campaign, encouraging people to put Goal 5: Gender Equality at the forefront.

In every country, women and their achievements remain undervalued and overlooked, and for this to change, we need more people raising awareness and advocating for better rights for women.

The #fivecomesfirst campaign united organisations and people across the world as they used their social media space to share the importance of investing in women, ending gender-based violence and raising women’s voices.

The campaign received support from key organisations such as: UN Women, Vital Voices, Girls Not Brides, Arts Help, and many more. Grammy-award winning musician Ashanti, also joined the movement, calling for businesses, individuals, and governments to “take emergency action to end violence against women and girls.

Although IWD has now passed, it’s important to remember that advocating for women’s rights across the world doesn’t fall to just one day.

Achieving Goal 5 carries the power to elevate every person in the world. Everyone who cares about: equity, fairness, eliminating sexual violence and harassment, and celebrating the potential and the accomplishments of half the world’s population, is encouraged to keep raising awareness for gender equality.

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About the Author
Mo Ghoneim is an award-winning media disruptor and the founder of Arts Help (link out to Arts Help). He’s passionate about the environment and climate action.

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