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Towards sustainable development: Have your say 2012-05-15

Earlier this spring, UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon launched the final report of his High-level Panel on Global Sustainability titled Resilient people, resilient planet: a future worth choosing. Calling for a range of coordinated measures that could be implemented, ¡§that take us beyond regimented silos, and that have the potential to set us on a more sustainable path¡¨, he urged development actors to rally behind the recommendations for launching a new, people-powered agenda for development which would eradicate poverty and promote inclusive, sustainable growth. ¡§We need everyone to work together to create the future we want.¡¨


As preparations are made for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio +20, how can the development community respond the Secretary General's call to work together to overcome new and emerging challenges and help secure renewed political commitment for sustainable development? To help Researchers from the Institute of Development Studies have been working on one answer.


Breaking out of the silos


Social Protection, Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction all aim to reduce vulnerability to shocks. But so far these three communities of practice have worked in isolation. A new integrated approach championed by IDS known asAdaptive Social Protection recognises that greater integration and knowledge sharing among these three communities of practice would allow for policies that help poor people escape poverty. The ASP Programme at IDS believes that by working better together, these communities have the potential to create tools and spaces that strengthen household resilience and make better contributions to sustainable development.


Since its inception in 2008, the ASP programme has been engaged in a variety of research, networking and advocacy activities related to ASP. It has been just over one year since the World Bank, DFID, the ASP programme, and the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) brought together a group of 120 decision-makers, practitioners and researchers in Addis Ababa to discuss the promises and the challenges of integrating these three communities. What progress has been made since then in relation to these issues? Are lessons from the field beginning to emerge and starting to shape new policies and programmes?


Take part in our email-discussion


As UN climate change talks in Bonn and preparations for Rio+20 get underway, the ASP programme is inviting members of the social protection, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction communities to take part in a special email discussion to discuss and debate the potential trade-offs of integration. The discussion, which will be coordinated in partnership with ELDIS Communities, will take place over ten days, between 23 May ¡V 1 June. More than 200 practitioners, policy and decision makers and academics are expected to get involved. Be part of the discussions by signing up to


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