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Ecopedagogy: A Movement between Critical Dialogue and Complexity: Proposal for a Categories System 2018-03-21

This qualitative research has been undertaken with the purpose of developing an integrated system of categories based on ecopedagogy. Founded on the critical pedagogy of Paulo Freire, this movement moves towards complex thinking and holism. Its theoretical bases are set on principles of sustainability, biosensibility, ethics of care and global citizenship to offer an alternative project for society and the neoliberal economy. The methodological design of this research is supported by the content analysis technique. The qualitative sample includes the Ecopedagogy Charter, the narrations of eight experiences of the Earth Charter International and four from the Centre for Ecoliteracy, and documents that offer a great scope for the categorical system. Among the most important findings is that ecopedagogy`s principles comprehend ecoliteracy, solidarity and a culture of sustainability; aspects arising from the ecological paradigm in education.


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