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Prospective Teachers’ Perceptions about the Concept of Sustainable Development and Related Issues in Oman 2018-03-21

This study aims to investigate, from the Omani`s prospective, teachers` perceptions about the concept of sustainable development (SD) and three related issues (cultural diversity, renewable energy and equity). The sample consisted of 159 prospective teachers from Sultan Qaboos University. Data were collected via a questionnaire comprising a list of 41 SD points. The results showed that the main source of knowledge for prospective teachers concerning the concept of SD is school textbooks. They also showed that prospective teachers had high perceptions of the concept of SD and the three related issues. In addition, there are no statistical differences found between male and female prospective teachers` perceptions about the concept of SD, cultural diversity and renewable energy. However, the results showed significant statistical differences between male and female prospective teachers in the equity domain. Finally, the results showed no statistical differences due to prospective teachers` specializations (humanities versus science).


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