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The Affiliated High School of National Chengchi University

In 2013, our Sustainable Campus Project aimed at creating a conducive learning environment and improving indoor environment. In this project, we will replace the windows in the library with electrical projected windows and install canopies over balconies and metal gratings as sunshades. A preface: The library offers an abundant selection of teaching materials. A large glass curtain wall enables people to enjoy the scenery and natural light. However, the indoor space will become humid and hot if the air-conditioning system is turned off. In addition, there is no canopy over the balcony, so rainwater can leak in easily, causing equipment damage and the floor to be waterlogged. To avoid this situation, we can close the doors, but this will prevent air from circulating. Thus, to build a conducive learning environment for better learning as well as to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption, we have implemented this renovation project. Items renovated: 1. Installing electrical projected windows for increased ventilation: a total of 16 windows on the 5th floor and 12 windows on the 6th floor were replaced with electrical projected windows. This has significantly increased air circulation and as a result, the windows can be opened when the air-conditioning system is off. The high-ceiling indoor space allows fresh air to enter to enhance circulation and reduces the indoor temperature and humidity during summer. In addition, we can reduce air-conditioning use. By doing so, we can achieve the goal of energy conservation. 2. Installing canopies over balconies: This is to prevent damage caused by rainwater leakage. Apart from serving as a shelter from rain and wind, the canopies can increase natural light intake. In addition, canopies can ensure the safety of people perching on balconies, make the campus more beautiful, and prevent the library floor from becoming waterlogged. By doing so, the library is now a better place for both people and books. Conclusion: The Affiliated High School of National Chengchi University hopes to create a sustainable campus that is resource- and energy-efficient, healthy, and comfortable. The renovated spaces are important to our staff and students. We hope through this project, both teachers and students can implement environmental education and interact with their surrounding environment.
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  • The Affiliated High School of National Chengchi University
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2013
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taipei