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Kilin Elementary School

I. Emergency Water Supply Natural disasters such as typhoons, heavy rains, earthquakes (e.g. the 921 Earthquake), and droughts hit Nantou County every year, leaving damages such as landslides, broken roads, and turbid drinking water. The project plans to collect rainwater from rain gutters for everyday use, such as toilet flushing and garden watering. Spring water can serve as our emergency water supply in case of a natural disaster when tap water is unavailable. The Sustainable Campus Project has been a focus of the Taiwanese government in recent years, which aims for schools to convert into a sustainable green environment with green buildings and an ecologically friendly campus. Rainwater recycling is a viable form of water utilization; it can provide everyday campus water use, such as toilet flushing and organic garden watering, serve as an emergency water supply when required, and is environmentally friendly. In this day and age where water supply is increasingly limited, we hope to contribute to environmental protection when the renovation finishes. In addition, this measure can greatly reduce the schoolˇ¦s expenses on water. Through this project, we can save money, be environmental-friendly, and raise public awareness. II. Permeable Surfaces Permeable surfaces can increase the water retention capacity of the schoolˇ¦s foundation. It allows rain to permeate through the ground, effectively irrigating the campusˇ¦ lawns and vegetation as well as reducing instantaneous river runoffs, which can reduce the chances of flooding. Through learning activities, students and community members can have a better understanding of environmental protection. In line with our rainwater recycling project, we plan to replace some cement surfaces on campus with permeable surfaces, as water retention is a practical form of preserving the underground water reservoir. The cement surfaces removed will be used as the foundation to the walkway in our campus farm.
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  • Kilin Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2013
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Nantou