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National Taitung University Laboratory Elementary School

The following are the renovation projects under the Sustainable Campus Project that were due to be completed in 2014: I. Lamps and switches in classrooms: We will increase the number of light tubes above the blackboard in some classrooms and alter the circuits so as to better adjust the use of light according to the amount of sunlight reaching the classrooms. By doing so, we can reduce energy consumption. II. Old trees: We will remove the concrete covering the roots of old trees, enlarge the tree pits, and alter the formula of the soil to make the environment friendlier for trees to flourish. III. Shading nets: We will install shading nets over an area on the fifth floor and electricity meters in classrooms beneath the area to track energy consumption. Then, we will make a comparison of energy consumption levels between classrooms with altered circuits and those without altered circuits. IV. Eco-farmland: We will remove the old car shed and alter the formula of the soil nearby to allow the old trees to flourish. In addition, we have planned an eco-farm for students to observe the local flora. V. Tap water: The old underground water basin is close to the septic tank, leading to possible contamination. Water supplied to the taps is now running water instead of ground water to ensure that students can enjoy clean water.
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  • National Taitung University Laboratory Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Taitung