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Shin Chiao Elementary School (SCES)

With global warming and extreme climate change looming, the Earth continues to reciprocate the consequences of human civilization, and every person should thus be committed to practicing environmental sustainability in everyday life. This is the philosophy that SCES strives to cultivate in the young children, to encourage them to protect the natural environment. Through the integration of environmental sustainability principles and traditional teaching courses, SCES aims to formulate an environmental, ecological, low-carbon, energy-saving, healthy, and disaster-preventing sustainable campus. Three creative, guiding, and fulfilling engineering courses are offered, in which the students observe and practice sustainability and (hopefully) incorporate it into their lives. SCES expects the students to devote themselves to environmental education, and to further protecting and loving our environment. In addition, they learn how to coexist within the environment, create harmony, and share joy. Through seminars and exchange programs, SCES enhances the faculty membersˇ¦ awareness about environmental sustainability and develops studentsˇ¦ passions to protect the environment. The collaboration among the parentsˇ¦ association, campus sustainability planners, and SCES teachers and students aims to establish short- and long-term goals of campus sustainability according to the schoolˇ¦s needs and local heritage characteristics.
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  • Shin Chiao Elementary School (SCES)
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan