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National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU)

(a) Maritime school that straddles both mountain and ocean Located at the west end of the Northeastern Coastal Highway, NTOU is situated in suburban Keelung City and straddles the mountain and ocean. NTOU enjoys access to the Bisha Fishing Port to the east and the Keelung Port to the west via Zhongzheng Road, the East China Sea to the north, and Longgang Ecological Park to the south, which features a hiking trail. (b) Ocean and mountain views NTOU consists of three campuses: the mountainous Hsiangfeng and Longgang campuses and the oceanic Coastal (Engineering) campus. NTOU campuses are where students engage in academic activities, and are the optimal locations for environmental education and related research and development. (c) Abundance of ecological resources NTOU is situated between mountainous and oceanic areas with rich landscapes. Various species inhabit the campus, with inland forest ecosystems representing the majority of the area, and a marine ecosystem along the coastal area of the campus. (d) Endless learning opportunities Education is a continual goal. Through collective efforts from the faculty members and students, NTOU has vowed to become an energetic, proud, and elite university for maritime education, and an international center for maritime education and technological development. The theme of this project focused on rainwater harvesting. In addition to becoming an elite educational institution, NTOU has vowed to become a model school in Keelung City for campus sustainability by modifying its currently available campus resources. Thus, NTOU is devoted to formulating a sustainable environment on campus, improving landscaping aesthetics, establishing an ecological education, and promoting environmental education. In addition, NTOU is proud to demonstrate its campus transformation outcomes as part of the universityˇ¦s social responsibility. (a) Rainwater harvesting: By transforming the NTOU Rainwater Park, NTOU plans to add a demonstration area for rainwater harvesting education. The university will not only expand its teaching infrastructure in environmental education, but also enrich the promotional content of environmental education, thus developing richer courses, teaching material, and action plans. (b) Water-saving mechanism: NTOU plans to form strategies and solutions in response to ˇ§too much waterˇ¨ (i.e., flooding) and ˇ§dirty waterˇ¨ (i.e., pollution). To fulfill the goals of energy and resource conservation and disaster prevention, NTOU aims to renovate the rainwater storage of the raft foundation at the NTOU Arena for emergency use, farming, and flushing toilets.
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  • National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU)
  • System: University
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taipei