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Municipal Puqian Elementary School

Our schoolˇ¦s curriculum development committee passed a resolution in the 2011ˇV2012 academic year dedicating one class session every week to reading. In the 2014ˇV2015 academic year, our school also had teachers promote a reading habit project and developed classes to teach students how to use the library. Because of our efforts, an average of 100 students and teachers are engaged in learning or activities in the library in each class session, making the library the most frequently used school venue. This high frequency of use increases reliance on air conditioning and lighting; our library probably accounts for the highest energy use in the school. The quality of the library environment is closely related to studentsˇ¦ learning quality and results, and the following improvements will make our campus safe and sustainable, a true ˇ§magic forest.ˇ¨ Because of the orientation of the library building and the empty space around it, the interior of the building is excessively exposed to sunlight in both the morning and afternoon. To reduce the amount of direct sunlight and tackle related problems such as solar radiation and heat reflection, we will add exterior sunshades to decrease the interior temperature, reducing incoming sunlight (the south side of the building has 24-hour sun exposure), blocking the rain (the windows currently have to be closed when it rains because of a lack of rain shades on the south side), and bringing in air from the outside (the transom on the north side of the building will be replaced by glass shutters, which can normally be opened unless there is a typhoon). In addition, a campus microclimate system will be built (the south side of the building is under direct sunlight and has a hard pavement; the north side has poor natural light and is used as an ecogarden; air flows from north to south). In this project, our school will build a healthy library environment for our teachers and students. The flexible interior space will provide them with a user-friendly, natural, and pleasant reading environment. During the construction, our school will develop related classes focused on the challenges encountered in environmentally friendly constructions and fostering respect for nature. This project will provide the teachers and students with an opportunity to engage in healthy and happy learning and practice coexistence with nature.
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  • Municipal Puqian Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2016
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taipei