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San Tan Elementary School

To implement the spirit of sustainable development, we focus our sustainable campus project on the following aspects: 1. We hold workshops for our teachers and invite professionals of sustainable development to provide consulting services. 2. We organize a tour for all the school staff to visit the facilities in our sustainable campus project. 3. To follow the 9 Year Compulsory Education, we design our eco courses as follows: A. Rainwater Recycling provides a good opportunity for our students to understand how rainwater is collected and reused on the campus, so that they can realize the importance of water saving. B. Wastewater from washing, e.g. hand-washing, can be collected and reused for campus irrigation. C. Permeable paving allows our students to observe and think on the relation of permeability and soil water retention. D. We use exterior canopies for insulation to make less use of air conditioning and to cut down carbon emission. E. Students are encouraged to design the patterns for our permeable paving so as to boost participation. F. Teachers and students work together to lay out the porous bricks, so that they can learn how water permeates the surfaces. G. Painting the rainwater tanks reminds our students of the importance of water resources. 4. Promotion We organize the tour, open a website, print brochures and posters, and write a report on the project to promote sustainable development.
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  • San Tan Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2012
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Changhua